Actress Bibi Bright Reveals What Pushed Her To Have An Abortion

You might know a lot about actress Bibi Bright who will premiere her second self-produced movie, Promised Beyond on July 1 at the Silverbird Cinemas at Accra and Westhills Mall but not the fact that she has had an abortion.

The proud mother of one was on the hot seat of Vibes in 5, a social media celebrity talk show hosted by Arnold Mensah Elavanyo and that was where she let this secret out. She said without mincing words that she has had an abortion but quickly added that it will never happen again.Giving reasons for the deliberate termination of  her pregnancy, she disclosed that she damaged the pregnancy for a tangible reason. She continued that God understands her for such unholy act but He has already forgiven her.


Answering the question,

“what sin you wont commit at all?”, she said “I can’t say an abortion because I was forced to have one. I had a miscarriage sometime ago when I was married so for that I have already committed it but in a certain way God understands.”



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