AKA Responds To Malema’s ‘Druggie’ Remarks

AKA has hit back at Julius Malema, following the remarks he made about the ANC using artists ”who suffer from the abuse of drugs” for its campaign.

Speaking at an Economic Freedom Fighters [EFF] press conference in Alex on Wednesday afternoon, Julius took aim at the ANC, alleging that the party drew in celebrities, who take drugs, to be on the forefront of its recent campaign rallies.

“They brought here, the druggies, artists – some of them who suffer from abuse of drugs – and made them faces of campaign[s],” he told reporters during a live press conference.

“Our people rejected druggies, those druggies have costed the ANC.”

While he avoided divulging any names, many speculated that he was referring to rapper AKA, who hardly shies away from showing his support for the ruling party.



“A druggie was saying ‘we won Jo’burg’ kere [I said] yoh, drugs are dangerous. These artists, the way he’s so innocent, he took nyaope and though 43% is winning. He thinks it’s simple like that.,” he continued, adding that a “drunkard minister retweeted the druggie.”

“The ANC suffered, humiliated, because of druggies.”

In response, AKA said he is “honoured” if Julius was referring to him, further boasting that “Supa Mega is an institution” and a “national key point.”




[Credit: TimeZA]


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