CAUGHT ON CAM: BIsa Kdei And Becca Secretly Kissing

Oyiwa!! Bisa Kdei Has Been Lying All The Time & Now A Video Emerges Which Shows Him Kissing Becca In The Dark!

You see, the Nigerians have a saying that, when the wind blows, the hen’s ass will be exposed and finally the wind has blown. Rumors circulated several times that, Bisa Kdei and Becca were dating and they both accepted it in good faith because it was in a way giving them some sort of publicity and at a time when Bisa wanted to win the artiste of the year, he saw that rumor as a good thing.

You would recall that, exclusively reported that, Bisa was spotted kissing &smooching Becca in her car in the dark at his “Breakthrough” album launch last year.

” No cameras were there, and it would be hard to have noticed, but one of our writers, who followed them secretly , even swore on his left butt, that he saw Bisa Kissing Becca in her car, while fondling her as*.” we reported

The two have denied several reports which suggests that they are dating and Bisa Kdei in an interview with sometime in March this year denied our story saying that, it was a fabricated story.

Why would we fabricate a story when our blog’s integrity is very important to us? Well, we all know how these celebrities can be. We didn’t take the accusation likely and dared him to swear on his balls on a lighter note if we were lying.

The Akans have a saying “Suban 3ti s3 nyisen, wu twee wu mu taaa, eb3 piee” which translates as” Character is like pregnancy, you can’t hide it

To back our position, a new video available to shows Bisa Kdei kissing Becca again at a beach resort in Ghana. The video looks dark because it was taken by a fan who didn’t want them to notice he was shooting. You don’t need any special light or the brain of a rocket science student to know it was Bisa Kdei and Becca kissing.

It’s something they’ve been doing and I find it quite weird that they deny it all of the time as tho they are some kids.

Bisa should be a man and come out publicly and just let us know he’s in love with Becca and has been chopping Becca. Becca should also shine her eyes and stop hiding in the dark doing things with Bisa.

Watch the video below:


[Credit: GhBase & Video By NYDJ]


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