Fans And Media Fueling Sarkodie And M.Anifest Beef – Da Hammer

Ace Ghanaian music producer and the director of Hiplife at MUSIGA, Edward Nana Poku Osei, popularly known as Da Hammer, has shared his views on the lyrical beef between Sarkodie and Manifest.

Hammer who recently In a Facebook post stated that he was grateful for the conflict, saying, it was an answer to his prayers, spoke with Sky Fm’s Ike Frimpong on Saturday 9th July to further delve much deeper into what brought about this whole war between the two.

“It’s a misunderstanding and it has escalated to unnecessary heights. One person misunderstood one and went at him and the other came in turn” He explained.

Hammer blamed the fans of both camps and the media greatly for making this a Big deal. He said

“Obviously people who are not musicians like radio presenters have their own piece, the only reason why this is a big deal is because of the fans who are fighting for them. This happens in every walks of life, people have misunderstandings, go ahead and do things then later realise they made mistakes. The fans play and talk to much, you go on Twitter and you won’t believe what people are saying, these guys are probably in their hotel rooms somewhere in the world eating some good food and you people are on social media fighting.Back in 2003 there was a big fight on peace FM where there an argument about Hammer and JQ which led to the Hammer fan slapping the JQ fan, meanwhile myself and JQ were in the studio working. Fans go the extreme, I won’t be surprised if they have been communicating”

He again impressed about how music lovers are paying attention to lyrics and digging in to understand what every verse talks about.

One other attack by Ghanaians on Sarkodie was about the controversial “GTP” line in his Kanta song. Hammer took time to explain to Listeners of Sky FM when contacted on LOUD IN GH hosted by Ike Frimpong

” Hip-hop was built on beef, it was built on mockery, skills and challenges. When one is beefing with another he could tease and Mock him with anything at all, like having the nicest girl amongst other things, it’s not surprising they are beefing. In America beef got people killed which made them decide to relax. There were people focusing on contents like GTP and others, the key word in there wasn’t GTP it was the Kaba,He actually cited GTP as the material he used. If You guys go into content and lyrics you would understand” he Explained

Although he believes the lyrical war will change the Ghanaian approach to music which has been listening to only hooks and choruses of songs, he urged those on the sidelines not to contribute to the “unnecessary” growth of the ongoing war.

“They are my boys,They are both very great artists and I respect them a lot. They come from different backgrounds with different styles and approaches to music and very vibrant. They are needed in the industry and I wouldn’t want this to go any further” he stated

Both Rappers had successful shows outside the shores of the country a week ago.

By Kay Official – Sky FM \Mediahomegh

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