Flawless Faces Storms Social Media

Believe it or not, one reason why men are attracted to women who wear makeup is because it says that they are free of sadness and depression.

I learned about this back in my university Freshman year from some guys. I was amazed by the revelation. So it is not only beauty that matters, but also our habit of taking care of ourselves. Makeup signals just that.

The Make-Up Business has seen a major boost in Ghana and has obviously come to stay. And certainly, so has Flawlessfacesgh, a new, vibrant and edgy make-up outfit which had its social media launch today.

“The mission of Flawlessfacesgh is to provide top quality services in Ghana. It aims at a cornerstone in the community creating a good atmosphere where customers/ clients feel comfortable. We are sensitive to customers prides and cater to their needs for quality services.

We seek fair and reasonable profit, enough to keep the enterprises financially healthy for the long term and to compensate owners and investors for their money and risks.” Amanda Gyekye (also known as Miss Mandy), a model and CEO said this about her new outfit

When asked why social media launch, Miss Mandy ascertained how effective social media is in reaching a wider audience.

“Everybody is on social media, even my mum(lol) and we are always on our mobile phones to see what’s new and trendy, so today if anybody picks up the phone and opens any social media page, we want the person to feel our presence. It’s a Flawlessfacesgh takeover today” Miss Mandy said

She also went on to explain that she chose today because it’s her birthday and a special day for her.

Miss Mandy, who holds a first class in Communications and specialized in broadcasting has always been passionate about make-up and in her own words “irks me when people don’t do it right”. Hence she and her team at Flawlessfacesgh have come to do it right.


Flawlessfacesgh comprises;

Make Up School

Make Up (All Kinds For All Occasions)

Facial Spa

Basic Manicure & Pedicure

Sales (Anything Make Up)

Skincare & Beauty Consultation

They are mobile and can come to you anyday. On Social Media;

Twitter : @Flawlessfacesgh

Instagram : @Flawlessfacesgh

Facebook : Flawlessfacesgh

WhatsApp, Text & Calls : 0244696075



Mohammed Muhi-Deen Yakubu is the name but knows as BabyBash or GhBlogger. I handle everything entertainment, event coverage, music, humor and more. I am an pundit on Entertainment Xtra show that runs on Storm 101.9mHz in Sunyani.

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