Fuse ODG Does The One Thing No Ghanaian Musician Has Ever Done

One thing we know best about Ghanaian celebrities is how they show off their extravagant lifestyles, what they drive, where they live, what they are wearing etc..

But Fuse ODG begs to differ, even though he spoilt himself to a $1 million house in Accra, Fuse ODG has built a school in Akosombo, Ghana.

The school accommodates orphans and disadvantaged kids. The most we’ve seen Ghanaian celebrities do is to donate food items to underprivileged schools but as the Bible says, teach the man how to fish, don’t give him fish.

We think Fuse ODG has done the extraordinary and need to be applauded.  In his own words, he shared a photo of the school when he visited and how him and his team helped build the school.

fuse odg school

It was a such a pleasure taking Ed Sheeran to the school that we helped to build in Akosombo, Ghana that accommodates many orphans and highly disadvantaged kids.

I ran community projects with Mr Hackett that raised funds for this charity organisation (Woodworld Missions) and every penny is directly accounted for unlike many big charity organisations.

I saw this school being built from ground up and now the vision is in motion…now it educates over 300 kids in the community. Before this school, these kids had no means for an educational platform.

It was mad emotional seeing these kids running around with smiles all on their faces excited to see us.

Big up Ed for taking time out to come to Ghana to vibe with us and see what the T.I.N.A. mission is about. We got some exciting music for the world of course!!!! Shout out to the ODG team and all the citizens of the New Africa Nation supporting the movement. We here to change lives!!!!

A big applauds to Fuse ODG and his team for this wonderful gesture.

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