Most Of Our Highlife Artistes Have Deviated – Kwame Ghana

New Ghanaian act, Kwame Ghana, cuts deep into our minds with some thought provoking comments.

According to him,

“Most Ghanaian musicians in the past who were branded as Highlife musicians had most of their songs falling within the Reggae genre, which I believe contributed to our country’s music not doing well on the international markets due to improper classification.

Apart from the very early highlifers like Nana Ampadu, the new generation after them has drifted. We can rename some of such genres so we can own them.

KOJO ANTWI was doing what I can best describe as *ReggLife* – a smooth-sweet blend of Highlife and Reggae, but that was not well defined.

I am representing that, and this time it’s being well defined and refined to meet up with modern trends. I see myself as a new breed of KOJO Antwi”, Kwame Ghana opined.

Born as “Frank Ayensu Danso”, KWAME GHANA is a Passionate Songwriter and a recording artiste who hails from Aburi, in the Eastern region of Ghana.

He started his musical career as a drummer, then later moved on to become a Vocalist/Rapper; he trained himself to become a Singer, by enrolling himself in the ‘Virtuaso’ music school and then to ‘Center for Piano and Voice Perfection’ where he trained in “Voice Major” to adequately prepare to hit the commercial music scene.

Kwame Ghana had his secondary education at Apam Secondary School, and continued at IPMC to study Network Administration. He later joined Billy Ocean for some Radio and DJ works.

“I love talking about real life issues and it always reflects in my music. I am always passionate about finding a way to tell my brothers and sisters to hold on to what they believe in, for there is a better tomorrow.”

[Story: Elorm Beenie]


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