I Built AMG I Could Sign And Help Other Talents- Criss Waddle

Social media went lit on Tuesday night as AMG Boss Criss Waddle had a busy night,responding to  thousands of questions being asked by fans on Facebook.

I have personally been monitoring the “P3 Kakra” hit maker over the years and I think he is more than the word “smart” and it’s no surprise he’s often tagged as the richest artist in the country. He uses simple tools to connect to everyone – and that’s social media.

Over the years, Criss has accepted social media, understood how it affects his brand in the digital age and realised how he can stay connected with his loyal fans, Waddle doesn’t just take it serious, he takes it personal with a slice of emotions.

The proceedings in the open forum, the “hot seat” as it was called, was flooded with questions ranging from his music, business and lifestyle; just as we all are aware of the luxurious and flashy lifestyle of the AMG president, that was expected too.

And oh, his infamous “altercations” with shatta wale over the originator of the term “Beigya” which am aware doesn’t even belong to any of them, wasn’t slapped out of all the fun. It took center stage.

Not long ago, Criss released a song titled “opana” which seemed to be launching a verbal attack on the self acclaimed “Dancehall King” and his loyal fans. But when questioned about why he dissed shatta wale, he rather gave what I call a “smart” response he said ” Opana wasn’t a diss song, it was a  teasing song. I haven’t dissed him yet”

Fans went ahead to  ask if they were indeed planning on smoking the peace pipe and when exactly it was going to happen, Waddle said ” God’s time is the best, we smoke peace pipes when it’s served” which I think is in its right way.

A section of the still  confused, just like myself about the link between His “AMG” and “R2bees”  where we’ve known him to be repping all these years, well he replied saying “I’m an artist under R2bees, I built AMG so that I could sign and help other talents.”

Criss Waddle recently received immense trolling on social media following reports regarding His Sexuality, where was being peddled as “Gay” ,obviously by fans of his latest “rival” shatta wale. According to reports, his wealth was amassed by engaging in homosexual acts with “Rich” White men. So fans asked about the real truth in that rumor, ” No sir, don’t be an illiterate, there’s no money in being “gay” how much can one make from 100 rounds of sex” to me, that’s Legit!!!

He again answered questions concerning other rumors about himself and the ever gorgeous young actress, Patricia Agyemang AKA Ahoufe Patri being  any sort of intimate relationship, she clearly stated that they were just friends, contrary to reports suggesting otherwise.

The AMG Boss was literally pushed to choose between Two of the biggest Dancehall acts in Ghana,but Criss saved himself some stress and said ” Am not a Dancehall Judge”. Easy does it right???

Every Artiste strives and toils so their names would remain in the history books and be remembered for something, that’s no different with the “Girls Abr3” star, he said “I Want to be remembered as the great motivator who built houses out of stones people threw at him” ,Very deep!!

Criss Waddle is currently working on “bank of Ghana” a single which drops later this year. He also showered praises on his Record label signee saying ” Medikal is the Prince of AMG, the world should watch out for him”.

[By: Kay Official, Sky FM Online]



Mohammed Muhi-Deen Yakubu is the name but knows as BabyBash or GhBlogger. I handle everything entertainment, event coverage, music, humor and more. I am an pundit on Entertainment Xtra show that runs on Storm 101.9mHz in Sunyani.

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