I Will Be Surprised If M.Anifest Replies Sarkodie – Hammer Of The Last 2

Da’ Hammer of the Last Two Music Group says he will be taken aback if M.anifest replies Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’.

Edward Nana Poku Osei, as known in real life, made this known in an interview with Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Friday.

Sarkodie on Sunday released ‘Kanta’ as a reply to M.anifest’s ‘god MC’ which some believe was directed at the former following his release of ‘Bossy’ track.

But Hammer opines that the feud between the two is a clear case of misunderstanding. He mentioned that M.anifest misunderstood Sarkodie’s last lines in ‘Bossy’ which resulted in the former recording ‘god MC’ to hit at the latter.

“This is not a proper beef. This is somebody misunderstanding somebody and coming at them and them replying. The truth about this thing is that it wasn’t really provoked. They are big boys. I think they will slow it down. I think they’ve even stopped,” he said.

When the host told Hammer he gathers that M.anifest will soon reply Sarkodie’s ‘Kanta’, the record producer said, “I don’t expect him to do that. If he does that, I will be quite surprised”.

On assertions by a section of the public that Sarkodie ridiculed GTP in ‘Kanta’ by saying “Obi bɛ disse me a na ɛnnyɛ rapper a ɔde GTP ntoma pam kaba” to wit, ‘if someone will diss me, certainly not a rapper who sews kaba with GTP textile’, Hammer said GTP was not the target, rather, M.anifest.

“I heard people scrutinizing the lyrics of Sarkodie’s song talking about GTP. The keyword there was ‘kaba’; it wasn’t GTP. It was the usage of GTP that he was mocking the star boy over. It wasn’t about defaming GTP,” he noted

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