I’m Not Beefing With This Kid, So Don’t Get Confused – Reggie Rockstone to Buddy Roro

Dreadlocked member of Legendary Hiplife group VVIP Reggie Rockstone has in recent Instagram post responded to rants by Ace Music Producer, Buddy Roro.

Roro in an interview on Hitz FM said that the effectiveness of both Tic Tac and Kontihene had deteriorated massively and it’s why none of their recent releases can’t be any match to songs they recorded back in their prime.

Reggie Rockstone hopped into their defense afterwards, questioning Roro to take a leap back in to the days and present a hit song he ever produced which gives him credit to make such statements.

This didn’t sink down well with the sound engineer as he took to his Facebook timeline rub in his recent successes , which according to him puts him above the Hiplife grandpapa.

“Ermmmmmmm somebody shld pls tel my grand paa(reggie rockstone) that in 2015,i produced the Daddy lumba/Ampong album and 40,000 cd’s hv been sold already.i just produced a highlife tune (mafe wo) for ras kuuku which is huge now.smbdy shld aslo ask reggie for me if he has even sold 500 copies of any of his albums before.well reggie knws when he hits me,i go bite am so he loves to get on ma nerves.hmmmmmmm i pray i dnt act like reggie when i get to his age.he was in da game b4 me but musically reggie……u aint anywhere closer to me.just bring it on and i promise u a diss song.woy3 aye panin bone paaaa. #inobore,” he Replied

After a few days of muteness, Reggie responded stating that he refuses to start a ‘beef’ between the two adding that Roro’s utterances is only a plot to get him in the news.

“Say granpa name and get in the news is the new shortcut for these young ones!?not bad tho they put my picture on this one and not his! I wonder why tho? Oh this wud be becos mine will sell the newspaper faster than “hoe roe” yup! This is cute but needs to stop! Am here twenty years after the fact on yo tv and radio! Go into yo studio and drop sum boy! We jus finished with dogo yaro and on to alhajii! Smh! Gh is a trip! Btw i am not beefing with this kid so please dont get none confused! I jus gave him sum much needed shine i guess?”

This will be the second time a music producer is coming at the Grand Papa in the same month, as music producer, Panji Anoff recently flipped back the age-long debate over hiplife’s true creator, where he proceeded to add that “Foolish Journalists crowned Reggie originator of Hiplife”. An allegation He has vowed not respond to as He thinks Panji Attacked Journalists but not Him.

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