M.anifest – Cupid’s Crooked Bow (Feat Nomisupasta) (Dir By Guto Bussab)

With yesterday, the 8th day of September 2016 being “M.anifest Day”, the self-acclaimed god MC launched his album successfully, and enriched it with a video premier.

A day after the premier, he has blessed the internet with the first official video off his latest album “No Where Cool”. The song is entitled “Cupid’s Crooked Bow”.

M.anifest has clearly developed the tendency to work with South Africans. It’s quite evident because he featured singer Nomisupasta; the video was directed by Guto Bussab and produced by Shanna Freedman who are all South African artists; the latter 2 work with Muti Films, a South African visual production based company.

The video was shot on location in Ghana. As you’d expect, M.anifest will not put out mediocre content. He dresses in a very indigenous Afrocentric manner, as he raps, and Nomisupasta sings, cum dancers along, exhibiting their skills. M Dot really takes us way back with this one making his audience appreciate the African love roots, and simultaneously blending the modern style. Have a good time watching.


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