Musicians Who Get Easily Offended Are Jokers – Vybz Stylin

Dancehall artiste Vybz Stylin goes hard on “emotional” artistes in the industry.

In his recent interview, the singer said, musicians who get easily offended or get head swollen by social media comments are jokers.
According to him, social media is a powerful tool that can either make or break you so as an artiste, one of the least things you should pay attention to is social media comments.

Being a musician, you need to be real and be in your lyrics so that eventually makes you emotional. However, if you listen to social media comments; criticism or praise, you don’t give much attention to it, just keep your head up and make sure you don’t add that kind of emotions to your career. But some of my colleagues can’t stand the heat and will be living by those comments for years. Really? Such a joke…

Asked if he takes social media advice and interacts with fans, Vybz Stylin answered…

Yes we all need directions in one way or the other and being a musician doesn’t make us different. We need to be advised and shape our lives with it. But, who are you to pick an advice from? Someone who knows you’re in a good and bad, and you know well this person or individual will wish you well, and such people are the fans. I will always listen to them because i know deep within, they know whats best for me as an artiste or a product so whatever they say, i take it to prayers and ask for spiritual direction from the Creator and if accepted, i put it to life.

Vybz Stylin is currently preparing for the release of his collaboration with Holic.


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