Oko Vanderpuije ‘Beats’ Daughter 

Traditionally in every home, the mother is seen as the best cook since the kitchen is her workshop and very little is said of the competency of fathers when it comes to cooking.

Also most girls spend a lot of time with their mothers in the kitchen as they aspire to be mothers themselves someday thus they turn out to be better cooks than the opposite sex in most instances. But wait! Whoever thought a father could beat his own daughter (who obviously spend most time in the kitchen) in a cooking contest?

Well, the ever exertive immediate past mayor of Accra and now member of parliament for ablekuma south, Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, has proven to her daughter that some fathers can just amaze when it comes to cooking.Featured on the popular cookery show on tv “Dinning With Cooks and braggarts” hosted by the celebrated screen goddess Yvonne Okoro on GHone T V, Hon Vanderpuije and her daughter were given a task to prepare tantalizing Ghanaian jollof with chicken.

Prior to her dad coming on set, the daughter made some funny comments to the host, Yvonne, that her dad didn’t know how to cook and all he was good at was to boil water, little did she know that she was in for an “ass whipping” contest.

The competition commenced and in a matter of an hour, the food was cooked and ready for tasting. On set to judge the meal with their taste buds was Hon Vanderpuije’s second daughter and her boyfriend, Robert.

The food was scooped into two separate plates for them to taste each of them and then select the best.

The tasters were oblivious of who the food belonged to so that they don’t pass biased judgment. After tasting both meals, the tasters settled on the plate that had Hon Vanderpuije’s food.

Hon Oko Vanderpuije and her daughter were called back on set and his food was adjudged the best in the contest. Her daughter who was shocked to the marrow couldn’t believe it but had to congratulate her dad for winning.

Dinning with cook and braggarts airs every sunday at 4pm on Ghone Tv and is produced by Dessamour TV

[Author: Edem Kobby Mathias @Kobbydrillgh]


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