PHOTOS: I Am Wonderfully Made By God – Actress Bibi Bright

Actress Bibi Bright has responded to people who are criticizing her over some hot photos she released to celebrate her 30th birthday.

Speaking on Ghana’s biggest radio entertainment discussion show “Entertainment Review” on Peace FM, Bibi said she sees nothing wrong with the photos and she is not bothered too much about what people are saying about her because her family approves of everything she puts out in the public domain.

“My dad saw the pictures. Yeah he saw them! My whole family saw them before it came out actually”. Asked if they are okay with the pictures, Bibi answered “Yes”, adding they have no problem with it.

She said people are talking about the pictures because she is well-endowed and curvy but if she was skinny nobody would have had a problem with it.

“I always ask people that If I was a skinny girl would they have said the things they are saying about me now? It is because I am big in all the good places so it turns to attract the guys. I am wonderfully made by God and because I’m basically a curvy woman, I think even if I decide to wear slacks, you guys will still comment about it because my hips are probably protruding”.

Bibi released eye-popping photos on June 3 which happens to be her 30 birthday and some of the pictures which she posed in a lingerie with her birthday cake, got everybody talking that she over exposed her body.

“This a lingerie wear and I think everybody wears lingerie. I am not the first person to wear it and I am definitely not the first person to wear and take a picture with it. It was a theme for my 30th birthday”.

Bibi Bright first featured in a TV series called ‘Missed Call’ after which she has not looked back ever since. Bibi has gone on to feature in movies such as Please Mary Me, Leave My Wife, Spiritual Killer, Why Me, Forbidden Act, Gamble For Love, Accra Girl, Love and Steal, House Party and Lost In His Glory.

The founder of Carridad Films once revealed in an interview that her childhood dream was to become an air hostess after school. This dream was killed by her parents who were scared of losing their beloved child through what they perceived as a ‘plane crash’. Nevertheless, the East High College North Carolina graduate is soaring to new heights in the Ghanaian movie industry in which she believes takes more than just talent to be recognized.

Checkout her birthday photos below:

Bibi Bright  pics


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