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A lot has been heard from musicians, entertainment critics and social media freaks on the Lyrical battle which has evolved between two of Ghana’s biggest music exports, in person of Sarkodie and Manifest. Many industry giants have so far called on the two to squash the beef and allow peace to prevail, one of those is Ghanaian Rapper Gemini Orleans who expressed his in a song tilted “Cease Fire”.

Speaking to Ike Frimpong On LOUD IN GH this Saturday 9th July 2016, the rapper took time to explain why he sees the need for them to smoke the peace pipe and how he as rapper felt when it all begun.

“I was enthused because it had generated lots of Media hype but when I thought deeper I was like why would my two brothers beef, what would it take to get to that point. They are brothers and very cool so I was wondering what exactly went wrong. When I heard Manifest’s God Mc I was cool and I felt like this was one of those Hip-hop things where beef is normal but when I heard sark’s Kanta I realised it just got real” he said

Commenting on the two rappers,Gemini outlined that he had a great deal of respect for both and disagreed with the perception of the masses regarding the output of emotions in their approach, especially on Sarkodie.

He stated

“I won’t call it emotional outpour, it’s his style, people who rap and attack or tackle issues go straight to the point and you wouldn’t have to think twice to understand what they are saying, when it happens like that the person sounds aggressive and makes him sound emotional. When you take Manifest for example, he’s more relaxed in his delivery so it looks like he isn’t emotional so I don’t think it has anything to do with emotions. When you listen to listen to mine, there’s a lot of aggression, It’s the style and as an artist I know how to get listeners’ attention, I know that if I have to talk about a particular issue I have to go all out at it”

The music scene in the past week has witnessed an influx of Hip-hop debates and songs by various rappers who for some reason were not gaining more attention. Gemini being one of those artists whom many never classified as a mainstream artist has had the busiest few days in his career as he has been granting a lot interviews in and outside Accra. One may call him an opportunist for capitalising on the buzz to make a name for his brand, but Gemini had this to say;

” I don’t want to call it a strategy, it was a situation and I used the opportunity. Probably someone might see it as a negative situation because maybe they don’t want beef and we shouldn’t talk about it because their fans might end up fighting. Hip-hop has always been competitive and has been a culture, it’s not just to capitalize on the moment but to my brothers to calm things down”

The young Rapper also disclosed that Rap music in Ghana was there. According to him it was rather hip life which existed and he believes Sarkodie and Manifest took rap to another level giving Hip-hop acts like himself a chance to shine as well. He added that he was shocked by the response he gathered after the release of his song.

“This controversy has brought a lot of attention to Rap music, people are really listening now. Am surprised that people actually will really Listen to rap that closely, I did Cease Fire and rapped for almost 4 minutes without any chorus and people are excited, it’s something I never imagined that people will pay that much attention. The next step is for people to not just listen but understand how rappers contextualize their lyrics with the use of smilies, metaphors and other things. He said.

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