Stonebwoy Breaks Silence; Explains Exactly What Happened With His Producer Beatz Dakay

Days after news went viral that there multi award winning Ghanaian dancehall artist Stonebwoy and his longtime producer and hype man Beatz Dakay have parted ways on very unfriendly terms, the former has broken his silence over the allegations.

In a post on Facebook, the musician wrote,

On Saturday, Flex Newspaper reported that Stonebwoy and his producer Beatz Dakay had parted ways over unsettled financial disputes.

It reported,                                                                                                 

“Beatz Dakay had earlier demanded for a percentage sharing of all gigs Stonebwoy will play because he does not charge him for the production. He demanded for 20% but Stonebwoy was only ready to give 5%. Again Stonebwoy has now set up his own studio in his house and instead of using his known producer Beatz Dakay for his works, he is rather using a young producer who goes by the name Awaga and was trained by Beatz Dakay. Meanwhile, Beatz Dakay set up the studio for Stonebwoy in his house but he has been ignored from using it.

After the first demand from Beatz Dakay, Stonebwoy got angry, went to Dakay`s studio and angrily broke some glasses in his studio which has left his studio not looking good. The source continued that Stonebwoy even threatened to come there again to do more if he continues to worry his peace with money. Beatz Dakay is also frustrated because at the moment, his wife is about to give birth or has given birth and there seems to be no money saved to take care of mother and baby. He has been busy with works from Stonebwoy to the extent that he has sacked most musicians with that attitude.”

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