Tic Tac, K.K Fosu, Others Were Not Smart – Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale has listed four veteran musicians who were not smart in their heydays.

Ghanaian Dancehall star, Shatta Wale, has made a list of veteran Ghanaian musicians who were not smart or didn’t take advantage of their craft in their heydays.

The 31-year-old singer in his latest interview with Delay on “The Delay Show”, started his list by comparing himself to veteran Hiplife musician Ex Doe.

“Ex Doe was a Hiplife artiste. Shatta Wale is a Dancehall artist. Shatta Wale is a business minded person, Ex Doe is not. Shatta Wale is a smart boy. Ex Doe is not. Shatta Wale is music inclined, Ex Doe is not. I play my beats; I don’t do cover songs. I make sure I save. I take my career serious,” he said.

When Delay asked about the likes of Tic Tac, KK Fosu and Kokoveli, Shatta Wale said ‘Yes’ to them.

Explaining why he said ‘Yes’, Shatta said;

“YES! They weren’t business minded. I’m taking advantage of the fame I have now. If I’m no more famous, I want to be seen working for a big company somewhere. We are in an industry where people enjoy going abroad. Four years down the lane you see them and wonder what happened. I feel most of the things the critics say is just out of envy.”

He added,

“I have seen the downfall of many artistes because they weren’t smart.”


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