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Actor Eddie Watson Grabs WHIS Ambassadorial Deal



The World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS)-Nigeria has unveiled Liberia -born Ghanaian actor, Eddie Samuel Watson Jr, as its new brand ambassador.

The actor has been enjoying a successful acting career in Nigeria.

“Eddie’s wealth of experience in education, health and well-being through different humanitarian channels to improve lives is a boost to WHIS programme globally,” WHIS Nigeria Lead and CEO, Foluke Michael, stated on the organisation’s website.

The World Health Innovation Summit is a platform that empowers people and communities to improve their health and well-being while generating value and sharing it.

It has partnered with United Nations Global Sustainability Index to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals in 30 cities worldwide by 2025.

The WHIS has different ambassadors around the world. Eddie is the latest to join the community.

Eddie believes that Africa is going to be a significant part in shaping the future of the world and the youths of Africa are the hope that future. He’s passionate about the rights of the child and of the rights women.

He has engaged in many humanitarian efforts with orphanages and NGOs, including New Life Orphanage Ghana, Good Shepherd Orphanage Ghana and USAID Ghana.

His documentary film, ‘Ebola’, was one of his humanitarian efforts after the Ebola outbreak hit West Africa in 2014.

It was a very sad moment for the actor as his homeland was one of the countries hit by the deadly virus.

The film was meant to educate people in areas affected by the disease.

The film was totally financed by Eddie Watson himself and was distributed to most media houses in countries affected plus others in the region of publication and also on the internet without a single charge from the actor.

He launched the ‘We Need Help-Ebola’ campaign the same year the film was shot with the Twitter hashtag #WeNeedHelpEbola.

Later that year, the film went on to win Best Short Film at the Ghana Movie Awards (GMA). He also won other influential awards in his career.

Source: Ghana Web

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Nana Amo Released The Official Cover Artwork Of “Mame Hu So” Song Dropping Soon.



It is another today as we bring you this entertainment review.

The Ghanaian based Highlife Musician “Isaac Nana Kweku Amo Agyeman” formally know by fans “Ike-Kaa” now publicly changed his name to “Nana Amo”.

Finally Nana Amo has released the official cover artwork of his coming debut single which he got this talented and sensational singer “Keche – Andrews” and another guy called “Uncho Jay”

Nana Amo named this Highlife song “Mame Hu So” which is going to be released soon after its official video shoot. Mame Hu So was produced and mastered by “Forgzy Beatz”.

Keep visiting as we bring you Mame Hu So by Nana Amo when released with video.

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Stonebwoy Is Very Simple & Full Of Wisdom – OV



Winner of MTN Hitmaker Season 7 and new BHIM Nation signee, Okailey Verse, has said that her mentor, Stonebwoy is every honest, upfront and a very simple guy.

“It’s fun working with this man [Stonebwoy]… he is down to earth, I have never met anybody like him before, he will let you know this is what you should do and this is what you should not do, he will tell you the truth, he will be honest with you, he is raw like that, he is very plain,” she said in an interview on Accra-based Hitz FM.

OV noted that Stonebwoy has a lot of wisdom and knowledge when it comes to music and that she’ll be ready to be lectured by him.

And if in anyway Stonebwoy scolds her, she’ll not take it to heart because she knows he simply want her good.

“He is a big person, he is very knowledgeable and so if he tells me stuffs like that, I will really need to learn hard. I remember I was doing a particular song with him, it wasn’t ‘Want Me’ but a particular song and I remember my verse, I got a few melodies I had to fix certain lyrics in it and he was like, ‘what you said here, does it make sense …?”

The reigning “ruler of the mic” added that she believes she is good enough hence the opportunity to work with Stonebwoy’s record label, Burnington Music Group (BMG) and that if Stonebwoy should scold her, that means she has to work extra hard.

“If he tells me that I’m not good enough, it means I have to work hard because if I’m with him, I don’t think he will pick somebody who is not good enough…if he tells me that, it means I need to work hard. (or I might be sleeping),” she said.

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I’ll Be A Hypocrite If I Should Go To Willi Roi’s Funeral’ – Stonebwoy



Ghanaian Dancehall icon, Stonebwoy born Livingstone Etse Satekla has said that he’ll look like a hypocrite if he attends the funeral of late Willi Roi.

When Willi Roi was alive, the duo never agreed. Willi is someone who always paint Stonebwoy black.

Willi has called the BHIM Nation CEO names; some are that he’s rude, a dull-witted person who can never be smart among other unprintable names.

Well, after his death, some BHIM nation fans were happy to some extent.

As it stands, Stonebwoy in an interview with Zionfelixwas asked about how he felt when he heard about the news of Willi Roi’s death.

He answered that he didn’t first believe when he saw the headlines on one of the popular blogs.

However, it was proved that indeed, he’s dead.

Zionfelix went on to ask Stonebwoy that would he in anyway attend Willi’s funeral?

The Baafira hitmaker responded that he wouldn’t mind going, if he’s around and have the time, he’ll pass through to show love.

However, even so, he’ll look like a hypocrite.

Because even if Willi was alive and threw a party, he believes that he (Stonebwoy), won’t be invited.

So why should he now go to his funeral?


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Quamina MP not the sole owner of “Wiase Y3 D3”



Musician Quamina MP is not the sole owner of his breakthrough song, “Ewisa Y3 D3”, according to report.

This comes after the singer revealed in a recent interview that he nearly sold the song to Medikal due to hunger.

“At a point, I didn’t have anything to eat and God willing, I grabbed something to eat. It felt nice and I realised how fun it is to live a comfortable life”, he told Class FM last Friday.

But one of his camp members claims he refused to credit a friend who wrote the song together with.

A Facebook post by Ranger Sneh sighted by claims musician Yung C who was featured on the hit song wasn’t properly credited.

He added that Quamina MP is ‘greedy’ and that his fame won’t last.

He wrote (unedited): “Quamina MP You and somebody do song and God being soo good the song blow, you say you nearly sell the song like you alone do am, massa acknowledge your brother YC De-Gunz (Yung C) and stop being greedy, you alone wan carry the fame, remember say #Adonai, #Ayoo, #baafira and other hit hit songs come pass go, yourself the wiase y3 d3 song self go leave you the artiste, learn how to acknowledge your brother #YUNG_C cause you guys compose the song together two years ago before thinking of featuring Kwesi on it, the song is own by both, but if he leave give you to enjoy the glory, learn sense and acknowledge him too don’t be greedy.”

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