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Afia Schwarzenegger Needs Somebody To Put Sense Into Her Head, She Wished NAM1 Was In Her Family – Baby Blanche Fires Shot



After staying mute for the past weeks since Menzgold and Nana Appiah Mensah brouhaha started, actress and movie producer Baba Blanche has finally spoken on the saga.

The “Girls Girls with B.B” TV show host in her first comments about the issue has gone to the defense of the millionaire who has been attacked by many Ghanaians including TV and radio presenter Afia Schwarzenegger. Blanche who seemed not happy about allegations Schwarzenegger made against Mr. Appiah Mensah in a live Instagram session monitored by made it known that the comedienne needs to be put in check because she is going wayward. To her, the controversial media personality has been tarnishing the image of many respectable personalities in the country all with the excuse of “it is my brand” but she believes it is time people stand against her actions because it will not help the country.

Baby Blanche said she did not want to reply Afia Schwarzenegger following her allegation against NAM 1 for the fear that people will accuse her of canvassing for unnecessary attention but she thinks it is time she speaks because “she needs somebody to put some sense into her head”

“I seriously did not want to reply Afia Schwarzenegger but I later said naaa because people will say that I want attention and all that and this time I’m trying so hard to stay away from controversies but I think she needed somebody to put some sense into her head because even if the man in question is a supposed fraudulent man, that is why we have laws in Ghana to handle it.

What the nerves do you have to insult somebody’s father, brother. Regarless of what people think of who he is, at leats he has fed and helped people so why don’t you let the laws handle it and you just open your mouth just because you feel that is your brand. Yes that can be your brand but you really need to think twice about certain things. We don’t solve problems with insults and rudeness.

Even if he was a thief and he was in your family with that sense to defraud people, you would have been proud. Even though he is not in your famil, he has bee able to convience your family member to invest in his company. So by insulting which among the two is a fool, is it your family member he was able to conviece or NAM1? Blanche said.

Afia Schwarzenegger was reported to have sent a strong warning to NAM1 for allegedly duping her mother over the Menzgold saga.

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Ghanaian Watchmaker Launches Global Standard Watch Brand



Caveman watches, a wholly owned Ghanaian watch manufacturing company launches on 12/12/18. Speaking with the CEO of Caveman and TimepieceGh, Mr Anthony Dzamefe, the recently awarded Emerging Youth Innovator at Ghana Youth Event Awards 2018, he said he chose to launch CAVEMAN on 12/12/18 because not only is it his birthday but also because the journey to get here have been filled with adversity. He therefore considers the launch as a gift to himself and to all Ghanaians and also as a reminder and assurance that if you want to, you can.

Before Caveman, there was TimepieceGh, which Mr Dzamefe started in 2015, with just GHC50. He started this company because he wanted to buy a watch and it was so expensive, but rather than just complain about how much the watch cost, it birthed a curiosity in him to delve deeper into what made quality watches so special and expensive, this led to an idea at the back of his mind that one day he will love to make watches of his own.

He realized that he needed to start from somewhere though, so he begun by doing the unglamorous things, like hawking watches at car parks and the mall and in front of offices etc.

One major thing Mr Dzamefe noticed during this time was the fact that all the watches he was selling, none was manufactured in Africa nor owned by Africans, so after settling in a shop in 2017/2018, he took the next step and enrolled in an online Swiss watch making course.

This led to him making handmade leather straps and also the repairing of broken-down watches from there he started making wall clocks from discarded wood. He affectionately named the clocks WOODPERKER, which has all led to 12/12/18, the unveiling of CAVEMAN.

Why CAVEMAN though? Why not something more sophisticated like all other watches? According to Mr Anthony he drew and still draws a lot of inspiration from sophisticated originality, durability, and natures presence in the works of the prehistoric caveman, and therefore decided to build a brand that will have these values and be a constant reminder for us to be limitless and achievers’ whiles keeping in touch with our origins.

In short, a brand that will be known for its hand made durability and will deliver everything it promises.

CAVEMAN watches will start selling on 12/12/18, you can visit their website or their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram: cavemanwatches to place your orders. The amazing part is you only make payment on delivery after carefully inspecting the product to ensure its what you ordered for.

If you want to be remembered, then your wrist need a CAVEMAN watch, CAVEMAN, BE REMEMBERED.

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Eye Judah Announces Release Date of His “Genesis Album“; See Track List



Dancehall firebrand Eye Judah has announced the date of the release of his maiden album.

Titled Genesis, the album will be officially be available online for preorder from 14th of December according to his handlers.

The Album will be released on the 21st of December will be available for streaming, purchase and download on all music online stores. (Aftown, Spotify, iTunes, Google play, etc.)

Bernard Okaiteh popularly known as Eye Judah was born on July 27, 1991 in Accra, Ghana. A Ghanaian afro-pop, Dancehall and Reggae artiste.

Eye Judah currently signed to Freedom Cry Record a record label based in Ghana and his works are being distributed worldwide by VPAL Music the distribution wing for VP Records the biggest Reggae and Dancehall record Label in the world.

Kindly follow him on social.

Facebook: Eye Judah

Twitter and Instagram: @eyejudah

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Sarkodie, Akwaboah, And thousands of Music Fans Troop In To Support Strongman’s STN EP Launch



What started as an EP launch ended up as a mini concert when thousands of fans and music stormed the Kumasi City Mall in to support Strongman on his STN EP launch.

Fans who patronized copies of the EP had the opportunity to take photographs with the Strongman as he thanked them for accepting and supporting him in the music industry.

CD copies and merchandise brought were all sold out before the event to end with fans demanding for more.

The event attracted thousands of avid Strongman fans who thronged the Kumasi City Mall in their numbers to witness the ceremony and grab copies of the CDs. The venue was so packed it couldn’t contain the audience.

The ‘Still That Ni99a EP’ is a collection of 7 Hip Hop songs with features Sarkodie, Akwaboah, Shaker, Kwesi Arthur, B4Bonah and Worlasi.

MC’d by YFM’s NYDJ, the event also attracted a number of celebrities like Sarkodie, Akwaboah, Dr Pounds, Deon, YPee, DJ Bibini, Ratty, DJ Aromah, and a host of others.

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7 Reasons Why STN EP By Strongman Is The Hottest Album Right Now!



Finally, it’s here! Strongman’s highly anticipated EP “Still That Ni99a” is here.

The project delivers on its name and reminds us of why Strong Gee was signed to Sarkcess Music in the first place.

Over the course of a little over 20 minutes, he does a great job of reminding us he is Still That Ni99a, the rapid, quick fire dropping MCee we have all come to love.

But despite being a show of lyrical force, it is also a tribute to the realities of the struggle, the hope of success and a testimony that no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.

The project features label mate Akwaboah along with the dynamic Kwesi Arthur, B4Bonah, Shaker, Worlasi and Sarkcess CEO Sarkodie. It is clear that he basically enlisted these artistes for the quality of their hooks, with Sarkodie being the notable exception.

The 7 song EP opens with “Vision” featuring Akwaboah. The soulful melody recounts Strongman’s struggles, the hate from haters and calls out those who doubted him. But at the same time he emphasizes his vision and aspirations for the rap game and shows his desire for greatness.

He employs complex rhymes and in rhymes that will put any poet to shame, with powerful allusions to Chinua Achebe and Ola Rotimi.  Akwaboah stresses the seriousness of the song with his characteristic voice, hitting the high notes and transforming a good rap song into an extraordinary delight for the ears.

Strongman raps about the struggle, poverty and crime and when he says “Oseikrom boy aa mete Nkran, joe matra be careful”, all I could think of was my friend Boakye Dankwah who left Krofrom with only the shirt on his back, but is now living large in another continent. It was easy to relate.

Just when you think he is about to relax, he comes back with a hard hitting verse, still with the same theme of struggle, hope and greatness on “My Vibe” ft. Kwesi Arthur. The Tema boy delivers a memorable chorus and a verse addressing haters and those who want to kill “his vibe”.

Even though Strongman raps that he is the best and doesn’t need equations to prove it, it is clear that the whole EP is about proving a point that he is the hottest rapper right now.

Strongman takes his game to a whole new level on “Still That Ni99a”, which is not surprising as that is the headline for the EP itself. It’s metaphor season on this one. He just went crazy, stacking metaphors while rhyming irregular words to a bass heavy beat, with a smooth flow.

This is the highlight of the EP: a solo effort filled with brags, punches and a reaffirmation that he is still that flashy, fast paced, proverb spitting, punch heavy lyricist. Yes, he is still that ni99a!

Sarkodie hops on the Monster Remix with enthusiasm, and unleashes the typical flow we have come to expect. He delivers a resounding endorsement for Strongman and Strong responds with a verse in equal measure. B4Bonah’s hook is a good listen on any day.

Keeping with the theme of hope and aspiration for riches, on “Paper” he enlists Shaker a.k.a king of hooks to deliver a smooth singing chorus to re-echo the struggle for the bread and better.

Anytime you feel down under the hustle, this song will lift you up. The beat with the easy going and laid back flow is sure to remind you of Sarkodie and JaySo’s “We no dey fear”.

“Dose” is a refreshing and upbeat tune to shake off the seriousness and sobriety of “Paper”. He has a lot of pointed bars for people who criticize his style and those who value so called “deep lines”. The sheer force and energy he brings is appropriate for this song and DJs will have a field day mixing it up.

The project ends on virtually the same theme it started, but with a very different note and tone. While he started in a mood of reflection on his life and how far he has come, weighing up success, failure and the larger pursuits of life, on “Paid My Dues” he enlists Worlasi and makes a definitive declaration that he is the best rapper alive with no contenders right now.

In fact, he starts with “paddy, cut the crap” and goes ahead to show why he deserves to dominate conversations about Ghana’s best rappers. It is a fitting outro for the project, and an overt statement that he is not a new rapper on the scene.

The whole project is also peppered with many shots at You-know-who, with the last song having the most lyrical attacks and shade.

Overall, this EP is an excellent listen. “NaaSei” puts in a lot of effort and leans heavily on his own style but he is plagued by the conscious effort to infuse more word play and experiment with other styles. Strongman may have a bigger audience, a larger fan base and access to better production than when he started (and definitely a lot richer) but he is Still That Ni99a! A Ni99a blazing his own trail. This VGMA’s rap and hip hop categories will be interesting.



[Written By Daasebrε –]

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